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Stay Informed for an Enjoyable Experience


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  1. You must shoot directly down range into a berm. ABSOLUTE NO FIRING ACROSS RANGE AT ANYTIME.
  2. Never place targets on the ground in front of berms - this results in ricochets - ONLY place targets at the foot of the berm. Think safety first, we have neighbors to think about.
  3. Do not attach target to or in front of wooden uprights. Target are to be attached to the provided backboards or chicken wire ONLY - No plastic or glass targets permitted on any IRPC Range.
  4. Practice “pack-it-in/pack-it-out” courtesy. If you bring targets or other disposable items, such as empty ammunition boxes or food containers, please pick them up and put them in provided trash containers or take them home with you when you leave.
  5. Do not use high power rifles to shoot gongs on the pistol ranges. High power rifles destroy the metal gongs and ruins the range for others to use.
  6. Nothing larger than .22rim fire ammunition is allowed on the .22 range.
  7. Range gate must be locked when entering or leaving the range. If you are using the range and there are several different vehicles, please designate a person to ensure gate is secure - do not assume someone else will lock the gate.
  8. Shooting further than 300 yards is NOT ALLOWED without permission AND only by experienced marksmen.
  9. Members may bring up to four (4) guests to the IRPC Range. Guests must be accompanied by a member AT ALL TIMES.
  10. No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed until you are finished shooting.
  11. ABSOLUTELY no alcoholic beverages are allowed on firing lines at any time.
  12. No organized “Group Use” of IRPC Range without prior permission.
  13. ABSOLUTELY no “Actual” or “Simulated” automatic shooting allowed at any time.
  14. All members and their guests must comply with IRPC's posted rules. Non-compliance will result in expulsion from the range, membership revoked, and you will not be allowed to rejoin. 

Members and guests must handled themselves in a SAFE and COURTEOUS manner while using the range. Please be aware of your surroundings and neighbors using the range. This club belongs to us all. Report any infractions to a club officer or police the range yourself. Looking the other way is not a resolution.